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May 20th, 2021 Annual Meeting Summary

SnoCope’s 62nd Annual Meeting was held virtually on May 20th at 5:30 PM and concluded at 6:02 PM. There was a verification of a quorum, approval of the Agenda, and approval of the Minutes from last year’s 61st Annual Meeting. The election results and introduction of new Board and Supervisory Committee members were announced by Sheila Postle, Board Chair. Incumbent Steve Torrence, incumbent Sheila Postle, incumbent Peter Rudolf and new Board member John Billen were elected to the Board. Incumbent Andrew Rardin, and incumbent Supervisory Committee member, Polagaya Fine, were elected to the Supervisory Committee. One Supervisory position remains open and is still available. Gina Pena, Supervisory Committee Chair, gave the Supervisory Committee Chair report; Sheila Postle, the Board Chairperson, gave the Board Chair report; and Steve Ellis, President and CEO, provided the Manager’s report. All three reports are available in the Annual Report 2020 posted on SnoCope’s website under “About Us,” “Annual Meeting 2021.

Retiring Board member, Heidi Percy, with 9 years tenure and retiring Supervisory Committee member, Ellen Hagey, with 3 years tenure were each honored with a plaque presentation by Steve Ellis. Steve Ellis, President and CEO, was also honored with his 20-year plaque by Sheila Postle who briefly noted Steve’s accomplishments.  

Steven J. Ellis came to SnoCope in April of 2001 as the VP of Lending, in March of 2006 he became President and CEO. Steve led the credit union through the Great Recession of 2007-2009 and is now leading SnoCope through the Pandemic. In 2006 the credit union was at $32 million in assets – 20 years later, the credit union has grown to over $76 million in assets. Steve has been lauded by his employees as a thoughtful, patient, and accessible leader who empowers his staff and is always willing to chat and brainstorm over new ideas. One staff person described Steve as the conductor of an orchestra – and someone who understands everyone’s talents – unifying them into a creative and successful ensemble. 

For the entertainment portion of the meeting five winners of the gift card door prizes were chosen. The $100 Target Gift Card went to Bev R., the $75 Lombardi’s Gift Card went to Kylie D., a $50 Grocery Card went to Steve E., another $50 Visa Gift Card went to Alex P. and the final $50 Home Depot Gift Card went to Leah E. 

Documents for the Annual Meeting:

1. 62nd Annual Meeting Agenda Handout 2021.pdf

2. 61st Annual Meeting Minutes 08.12.2020.pdf

3. Annual Report 2020 pages 1 and 2.pdf

4. Door Prizes Rules 5.3.21.pdf

5. Biographies of Candidates.pdf


Congrats to the Winners of the Door Prizes:

$100 Target Gift Card - Bev R.

$75 Lombardi's Gift Card - Kylie D.

$50 Grocery Card - Steve E.

$50 Visa Gift Card - Alex P.

$50 Home Depot Gift Card - Leah E.


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