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Touchless Digital Payments

Purchases done with a wave of your phone. It's safe & convenient. 

Making digital payments is simple and secure. Add Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay® to your SnoCope Checking Account. 

Choose the mobile payment method specific to your device. Complete the setup on your phone, tablet, or watch. (You may need to download an app.)

Add your SnoCope debit card information to the mobile wallet, then start making payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. 


Follow these links to your payment method of choice.

apple pay logo      google pay logo        samsung logo

Initial setup may require you to contact SnoCope Credit Union.

You will receive a notification email from SnoCope confirming the addition of your debit card to your digital wallet. 

This confirmation email may take 1-2 business days to arrive.


Advantages of SnoCope Checking with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Paying is more convenient. You can use your mobile wallet anywhere you see the contactless symbol  contactless symbol  to make digital payments.

Once setup, you can pay more quickly at merchant registers, or when shopping online, you can now skip entering payment details.


Want more information about SnoCope's Checking Accounts, click here. 


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