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Round-Up Savings (It’s free and easy to do!)

An automatic way to save more money every time you use your debit card. SnoCope will “round-up” your debit card purchase to the nearest whole dollar amount and put the “rounded-up” amount into a Round-Up Savings Account earning  5.12%1. If you prefer, you can designate any other SnoCope account2 to receive the “round-up” savings instead.

To take advantage of SnoCope’s free Round-Up Savings Program, you will need a SnoCope Checking Account with a Debit Card3 and a completed Round-Up Enrollment Form.


To Set Up Your Round-Up Savings Account, please use one of the following options:

1. Click here to enroll via self service sign up. 

2. Download and print the Round-Up Savings Enrollment Form. Fill out the form and return it to SnoCope in person, by mail, or by fax. You can also call the credit union directly 425-405-9973 and we will help get you set up.

3. To securely send the completed form to us electronically, download and print the Round-Up Savings Enrollment Form. Fill out the form, then scan (or take a picture of the completed form with your cell phone) and save it as a jpg or pdf file. Then go to, click “Contact Us” at the top of the page and send us a secure email using the form at the bottom of the page. Choose your pdf or photo to attach to the email and hit “Submit.”

4. Don’t have a SnoCope Checking Account, click here to learn more about opening a SnoCope checking account.

Once enrolled, we will add up all the “rounded-up” amounts of your debit card purchases and, within about one business day, transfer the lump sum from your checking into your savings account. You will be able to track all your round-ups inside of your Online Banking on a daily basis and on your monthly statement.


Your savings can add up.

Debit Card Purchase

Item Price

Purchase Price Round-Up Amount

Daily Purchase Round-Up Amount to Savings

Weekly Purchase Round-Up Amount to Savings

Yearly Purchase Round-Up Amount to Savings







Drug Store Needs: Shampoo, Aspirin …






Miscellaneous Groceries: Milk, Eggs, Yogurt …












Total Amounts transferred to Savings =

















Round-Up Saving Account Details:

  • You may withdraw or transfer from Round-Up Savings at any time by calling or coming into the branch.
  • We conveniently transfer all daily round-ups in one lump sum to savings.4
  • Dividends on SnoCope’s Round-Up Savings Account are paid monthly.



1) A Round-Up Savings Rate of 5.12% Annual Percentage Yield is on balances up to $5,000. Balances over $5,000 will earn at the regular dividend rate. Rate is subject to change without notice.

2) Any other SnoCope account may be designated to receive the “round-up” amounts excluding IRAs and Certificates.

3) ACH transactions and ATM transactions will not “round up.”

4) Round-Up Savings Account deposits are restricted to only deposits made through the round-up transfer program.


For info about Savings Accounts.

For info about Checking Accounts. 









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