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Dawson Place

Supply Drive and Fundraiser

July 2024

Dawson Place

BIG Dawson Place Fund Raiser/Supply Drive Planned, July 2024

Can you help us - help Dawson Place?

Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization providing safety, justice and healing to victims of child physical and sexual abuse, assault and neglect.  They provide every service needed for victims and their families to receive the help they need all in one child-friendly localized place.  It minimizes the number of times a traumatized child has to tell a heartbreaking story, by bringing each needed professional for a case into one building, reducing the trauma a child experiences.  Without the centralize services, a family would have to drive all over the county (or even out of county) to access the different services they need in an attempt to coordinate with each office effectively.

What makes Dawson Place different is that they bring all these specialists under one roof, allowing their team to devote all their efforts to helping the child, reducing time spent coordinating amongst organizations and shortening the chain of communication between each other. In the end, delivering more positive outcomes for kids at a much more rapid pace.

Each child that comes through the doors at Dawson Place is given a backpack with toiletry essentials, comfort pieces, a blanket and their choice of other toys, fidget items and their choice of other items to make them feel of value.  Sometimes, this may be all the child has with them, and it can mean the world.  These items are priceless and our friends at Dawson are running low on all types of things.

So, this July, SnoCope, Mountain Crest, Mill Town, Community Healthcare, Nordstrom Federal Credit Union and Northwest Plus credit unions will team up to gather supplies from the Dawson Place wish lists and cash donations, for their operations and additional supplies.

AND YOU CAN HELP!  There is a list of wanted items on their website (below, left) and an Amazon wish list available (below, right) and you can bring your items to the branch and we’ll get everything ready to go.  Last year it took two cars and a truck to get everything to Dawson Place.  We’d love to have to make more than one trip to get it all there this year! CAN YOU HELP US BEAT LAST YEAR?

Teen/Generic Wish List:  click here

Amazon Wish List:  click here


You can bring your NEW items to the branch all month long through July and we will gather them with the other credit unions and take them to Dawson Place in early August.  Come back here for photos and to hear how well we did!

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