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Quick Rates
APR=Annual Percentage Rate
APY=Annual Percentage Yield
All rates are "as low as"

Auto Loans

3.25% APR*

30 Year Mortgage

4.625% APR*

Rewards VISA

9.00% APR*

60 Mo. Certificate

1.43% APY*

board of directors wanted

Seeking Supervisory Committee Members

Our new Board and Supervisory Committee members have been announced. SnoCope Credit Union is now looking for one more enthusiastic volunteer for the Supervisory Committee. If you are interested in serving, you are invited to submit your credentials. Read More about these positions...

young couple looking at their remaining visa bill with some concern

The Hidden Danger of Minimum Monthly Payments

The prospect of a low monthly minimum payment is enticing, especially to young borrowers who are relatively new to credit cards and long-term loans. There are major dangers that come with reduced payments, however, that can leave you in a much worse position than if you had simply paid a little more on a monthly basis. Read more...


happy young woman she saves for emergencies


Don’t Ditch Your Savings Account Yet!

With interest rates on savings accounts low enough to be nearly negligible for the purpose of building wealth, you may be asking yourself, “Why shouldn’t I close the account and put my money to work in the market?” Here are some good reasons to hold off on closing your account and splitting your savings between your checking and brokerage accounts: Read more...

exotic sunset on beach in florida couple strolling

What You Need in Your Wallet to Fly Domestic in 2018 and Beyond

Driver’s license, REAL ID–compliant license, enhanced driver’s license…are they the same thing? And will you be able to fly domestically in the U.S. with the state-issued ID in your purse or wallet right now? The short answers are “sort of” and “maybe.” The long answer may be easier to understand. Read more ...

happy woman holding car keys

Make Your Automobile Road Trip Ready

Nothing will put the brakes on your road trip faster than a major car repair. Even a minor repair, or forgetting to pack something crucial, could slow down the fun. Use this check list and you’ll be in the clear for a worry-free vacation! Read more ...

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