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APR=Annual Percentage Rate
APY=Annual Percentage Yield
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Auto Loans

3.75% APR*

30 Year Mortgage

3.875% APR*

Rewards VISA

9.00% APR*

60 Mo. Certificate

1.83% APY*

board members

Seeking Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors Members

SnoCope Credit Union is presently looking for enthusiastic volunteer Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors Members. If you are interested in serving, you are invited to submit your credentials. Read more...

young family in front of house

Why Your Credit Score Matters When Buying a Home - The Five Factors of Your Credit Score

Payment History - 35% How you’ve paid your bills in the past. A long history making payments on time and not missing payments can have the most positive impact on your credit score. Outstanding Credit Card Balances - 30% The amount you owe relative to the total amount of credit available. People with the best credit scores tend to keep their balances low. Read more...

happy smiling couple with new mortgage

The 5 Cs Of Home Buying - What Lenders Look At

Cash: What is your net worth? Can you handle the payments if your income is stopped for any reason? Are you making a down payment? If yes, how much? RULE OF THUMB Have at least 5% of your purchase price to put down (actual down payment needed will vary depending on your loan program) Should have 2 to 3 months of house payments in your checking or savings account after closing. Read more...

shorter autosmart clip art

SnoCope's AutoSMART 

Today's new or used car buying experience is more convenient than ever, especially when you choose to use SnoCope's AutoSMART application. "...About nine out of ten people do research before they buy a car, spending on average 11.5 hours researching their next vehicle before they purchase. …  just five years ago consumers visited six dealerships in person before they bought a car. Today, they visit less than two." Read more... 

western piggy bank for round up savings

Savings Your Key to Success

You have wants. You have needs. And you have two ways of paying for them – pull out the credit card or use the money you have set aside. Which would you prefer? It’s a safe bet that most people would choose to have a stash of cash from which they could pay for everything from impulse purchases to long-term financial goals. But how do you save when there are bills to pay and the paycheck only goes so far? Read more...





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