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Fees & Disclosures

Fee Schedule

Credit Union Membership
Membership Shares $10.00 par value
Membership Fee $5.00

Savings Account Fees
Primary Share Savings Account Below Minimum Fee $2.00 per month if minimum balance of $10 is not maintained
ACH and ATM NSF Fee $26.00 per item
Possibilities Account Excess Withdrawals Fee $2.00 per withdrawal exceeding two (2) withdrawals per year

Checking Account Fees
NSF Fee $26.00 per item
NSF Fee (Reg D) $26.00 per item
Overdraft Advance Fee $26.00 per item
Deposited Item Return Fee $5.00 per item
Personal Check Stop Payment Fee $26.00 per item
Corporate Check Stop Payment Fee $26.00 per item
Regular Checking Account Check Printing Fee Prices may vary depending on style
Prime Times Checking Account Check Printing Fee Standard Design One (1) box per year free
Check Copies (First two (2) copies free) $2.00 per copy
Executive Online Check Copies No Charge
Overdraft With Transfer from Savings Fee No Charge
Overdraft With Transfer from Timeline Fee No Charge

Other Service Fees
Mail Return Fee $5.00 per occurrence
Paper Statement Fee $1.00 per month (17 and under or 55 and older exempt)
Account Reconciliation Fee $15.00 per hour
Account Research Fee $15.00 per hour
Account History Printout Fee $2.00 per printout
Statement Copy Fee $2.00 per copy
Deposited Item Return Fee $5.00 per item
Wire Transfer (incoming) Fee $15.00 per item
Wire transfer (outgoing) Fee $20.00 per item
International Wire Transfer (outgoing) Fee $35.00 per transfer
Money Order Fee $2.00 per money order
SnoCope Cashier's Check Fee $2.00 per check
Travelers Card $9.95 per card
Companion Card $3.95 per card
Gift Card $3.50 per card
Inactive Account Fee $10.0 per month, after two (2) years automatic
Fax Fee $5.00 for first page, $1.00 for each additional page
ATM/VISA Debit Card Replacement Fee $8.00 per card
Counter Checks $5.00 Twelve (12) checks (free with Printed Check order)
Foreign Currency Order Fee $20.00
Copy Fee $.50 per sheet
Coin Counter No Charge (members only)
Garnishment Processing Fee $25.00 per occurrence
ATM Empty Envelope Deposit $26.00 per item
This Fee Schedule is subject to change, a notice will be provided. The rates and fees appearing in this schedule are accurate and effective for accounts a of 3-1-16

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