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Member Testimonials 2019

10.26.18 : Tracy S. facilitated this particular interaction.

Our long-time members had been told by other lenders what they needed was impossible, but when we really sat down and examined their issue, we determined we could help them. There were just a few things that would need to happen first. It may have taken some time, but ultimately, we were able to help them get the funds they needed and refinance their home.

Rick S.: “When we had questions, you had answers. When there was confusion you offered clarification… we can’t thank you enough.”

Nine T.: “You believed in us! Thanks for everything!!”

Member Testimonials 2018

Ute P.: I chose SnoCope because I had previously done business with another credit union and they were great. I also like how close SnoCope is to work so I can walk there on a break. I associate excellent customer service with SnoCope. I always get my questions answered quickly, professionally and in a friendly manner. I feel that the credit union difference is the customer service. I always feel special when I am waited on by one of the credit union staff, whether by phone or in person. I am not just a number. I would recommend (and as an ambassador I do) SnoCope to people. I feel that because SnoCope is located in a small neighborhood, is small and easily accessible that it is a place the community would feel comfortable using. The fundraisers SnoCope is involved with as well as offering no cost financial classes throughout the year shows how much they care about their community. Overall, SnoCope is just a nice place to visit. The staff simply ROCK!!

Mary F.: I first became aware of SnoCope through an orientation event where I learned you do not need to be a member of SnoCope to take advantage of free financial wellness through their website. I was impressed by that. I joined SnoCope partly because it is so close to where I live and work. I enjoy not having to drive to places to get my services and SnoCope is so convenient. I associate with SnoCope because it’s important to me that the businesses I know and use give back to the community - just as I do… If it wasn’t for the giving back, like the food drive, helping those in need might not even happen, and I feel we should be helping our neighbors. SnoCope supports my personal activities like the March Food Drive and the Christmas Toy Drive and that’s important to me.

Polagaya M.: I use SnoCope for all my banking needs. I like the personal feel when I walk in and the convenient services that mean I never have to walk in. And I like being a member, voting for people I actually know, to run the Credit Union. Why would I go anywhere else?

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