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The Supervisory Committee consists of at least five members and is elected by the SnoCope Credit Union’s membership. The Supervisory Committee oversees all administrative and financial activities of the Credit Union.  The Supervisory Committee typically meets once a month at the credit union on the second Tuesday of the month from 12:00 – 1:00. Lunch is provided.


The Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee shall assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the following:

  • The integrity of the Credit Union’s financial statements;
  • The qualifications and independence of the internal audit function; and
  • The performance of the Credit Union’s independent audit function and to supervise any independent auditors.


  • The Supervisory Committee members shall choose from among their members a chairperson, vice-chair and secretary.
  • The secretary of the Supervisory Committee shall prepare and maintain a full and complete recording of all action taken by the committee.
  • Members of the Supervisory Committee may attend Board meetings or Committee meetings.
  • The Supervisory Committee and/or its members shall:
    • Meet as often as is necessary and at least quarterly.
    • Attempt to attend all Supervisory Committee meetings.
    • Keep fully informed as to the financial condition of the Credit Union.
    • Cause to be made annually a complete examination of the cash on hand, the Credit Union accounts, including income and expense and the members’ share accounts.
    • Routinely report its findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors.
    • Make a report to credit union members at the Credit Union’s Annual membership meeting.
    • By unanimous vote, the Supervisory Committee may suspend for cause an officer of the Credit Union, a member of a committee, or a member of the Board until a special membership meeting is held.

Sample of Duties Performed During Monthly Meetings

  • Review Delinquent Loans
  • Review File Maintenance Reports
  • Review SAR/CTR reports
  • Review New Loans
  • Review Dormant Accounts
  • Review Closed Account Letters


Supervisory Committee members must meet the following qualifications established by NCUA, the Division of Credit Unions and the Credit Union’s bylaws:

  • Be a member of the Credit Union prior to being nominated for office.
  • Satisfy any bonding requirements of the Credit Union.
  • Agree to the terms of the Credit Union’s Code of Ethics Policy.
  • Not be related to an employee at the Credit Union.
  • Be eligible to vote in Credit Union elections and at membership meetings.
  • Not be employed by the Credit Union or any subsidiary during the past two (2) years.
  • Be a resident of Washington State.

Supervisory Committee Member Terms

  • The SC members are elected for a three year term.
  • A vacancy on the Supervisory Committee shall be filled by way of appointing an interim member by a majority vote of the Board, unless that interim member would serve a term of fewer than 90 days.  Interim Supervisory Committee members appointed to fill vacancies will serve until the next annual meeting of members.  Otherwise, the position remains vacant.

Interested individuals may contact: Steve Ellis, CEO, directly by phone or email - 425-405-9992 or,                                      or the Nominating Committee directly by March 13, 2020.

Nominating Committee:

  • Heidi Percy -
  • Daniel Thompson -
  • Jeffrey Craig -

To Submit An Application

Volunteers should send a letter of interest and complete the following:
A Volunteer Application, a Volunteer Agreement and a Code of Ethics Statement.
To download each of these forms click here.

There are two vacancies available. 


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