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Ambassador & Advocate Program

Do you see value in sharing information that betters other persons lives?
Wish you could find a free resource for a Financial Wellness Program?
Want to participate in ongoing socially responsible community-building events?

Ambassadors and Advocates Improve Their Communities

Ambassadors are SnoCope members and outreach proponents who serve as the point of contact for SnoCope related matters, information and events in their specific employer groups. Many Ambassadors joined SnoCope early in their careers and have experienced the benefits of their not-for-profit credit union over the course of their own lives and in their community. Ambassadors are members in good standing who want to further SnoCope’s mission.

Advocates are responsible leaders in employer groups who see value in SnoCope’s community outreach services like: SnoCope’s Free Financial Wellness Program, and SnoCope’s socially responsible community enrichment and fundraising activities. They understand the value of a credit union as a not-for-profit resource that returns goodness and value to their membership - and to the surrounding community.

Both Ambassadors and Advocates are networking professionals. They post ongoing and upcoming information to employee boards, they communicate via email and social media, and they distribute flyers and brochures about SnoCope’s:

  • Fundraising / Socially Responsible Community Support Activities - ie) Snohomish County Slide Relief Fund
  • Community Enrichment Events - ie) National Night Out Against Crime
  • FREE Financial Wellness Seminars - ie) ID Theft Protection
  • Beneficial Time Specific Loan / Savings Promotions - ie) Visa Balance Transfer & Holiday Skip-A-Pay

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Volunteer Ambassador?

  • Free checks with a SnoCope checking account
  • Receive Travel Card services for FREE. (Few institutions use Travelers Checks anymore.)
  • You are the frontline distribution point for all SnoCope information
  • Natural path to a volunteer Board of Director’s role
  • You are a resource to your business associates, friends and family

What Are The Benefits Of Being An Advocate?

  • You are the frontline distribution point for all SnoCope information
  • Natural path to a volunteer Board of Director’s role (if you join SnoCope)
  • You are a resource to your staff and the community

The Ambassador and Advocate Program

Initiated in 1993, the Ambassador and Advocate Program continues to grow. SnoCope’s “people helping people” mission advances the credit union movement - which is all about bettering people’s lives and building a strong financial foundation.

The Credit Union Mission

SnoCope’s intention also parallels the Northwest Credit Union Association’s mission - “the truth is, credit unions are good for consumers... Northwest credit unions donate millions, volunteer thousands of hours, improve (the) financial capability of students and adults, and make reasonable loans that help people start businesses and keep their homes and cars in tough times.” Credit unions are all about doing good in their community, and that’s what Ambassadors and Advocates do as well!

For more information email Tracey Johnson, Business Developer & Marketing Director at or call 425-405-9983.

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