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SnoCope's Shared Branches through CO-OP are Surcharge Free!

Convenient 24/7 Nationwide Access

CO-OP Shared branching

Whether you are in town, out-of-town, on vacation or across the country, the Shared Branch Network means you have access to your money everywhere. It's like walking into your own neighborhood branch when you're not local.

Surcharge FREE "CO-OP Shared Branch Network" locations are found inside partnering credit union branches. You can recognize a Shared Branch by the blue CO-OP Shared Branch logo. All you need is your credit union name, your account number and a photo ID.

Today, there are over 5000+ Shared Branch credit union partners nationwide. Find lots of CO-OP Shared Branches everywhere, click here and just put in your zip code to get a list of Shared Branch locations.

The phone number for a Shared Branch location that provides a 24/7 live operator who can perform basic financial transactions like: checking balances, doing transfers between credit unions, checking that your direct deposit has occurred, etc. is 866-692-8669 (or 866MYCUNOW).

Services Offered:

  • Recent history information showing last ten items that cleared your account
  • Check account balances
  • Loan payments by check
  • Loan advances in cash up to $500
  • Transfer within your accounts
  • Review transactions
  • Check Deposits - up to 10 checks*
  • Cash withdrawals**

*Funds availability is subject to standard hold policy.

**Cash withdrawal maximum = $500.00 per Guest Member, per day. More than $500 may be given if the Shared Branch you visit has the cash available with online approval only from the member's home credit union system.

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