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Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 5:30PM
Due to COVID-19 this will be a Virtual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2020

Due to COVID-19 SnoCope’s Annual Meeting normally scheduled for April 15, 2020 was postponed. The new date for SnoCope’s Annual Meeting is now scheduled for Wednesday August 12, 2020 at 5:30PM.

Our Annual Meeting this year will be a virtual meeting event instead of the usual, in person, meeting.  By conducting the Annual meeting virtually, SnoCope Members, Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee and Staff will all be able to attend the Annual Meeting while still practicing proper social distancing.  We do not know what Phase Snohomish County will be in as of August 12, 2020 and even if an “in person” meeting would be allowed at that time. However, by using GotoMeeting software functionality and invitation, anyone wishing to attend the annual meeting will be able to remote in using their own computer, tablets or smart phones and remain completely safe while getting the business of conducting the Annual Meeting for our members done. (Please note – you must register and receive a GotoMeeting Invite to attend the Annual Meeting and to be included in the drawing for the door prizes. SnoCope Staff, Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are not eligible to particiapte in the door prize drawing.)

It is unfortunate that we will not be holding our event at Kindred Kitchen. However, safety has to be our first priority when considering the health and wellbeing of members, staff, family and friends, the Supervisory Committee and the Board, as well as, the dedicated employees of Kindred Kitchen. The good news however, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, is that SnoCope will make a donation of $500 as a show of support for the organization and the employees. We feel this contribution reinforces our support to organizations in our community that are making a difference.

We also realize that restrictions may lessen closer to August. However, the COVID-19 precautions outlined by Governor Inslee in Phase II and III continue to limit the size of gatherings to no more than 50. And, because this is an Annual Meeting, SnoCope cannot limit the number of members who wish to participate. So, a virtual event makes the most sense. 

Members wanting to attend the Annual Meeting virtually will need to call the branch (425-405-9973) and pre-register to attend by Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 5 PM. You will receive an invite the morning of the meeting Wednesday, August 12, 2020. 

Click here for the Agenda.

Click here for the Minutes.

Click here for the Annual Report.

Click here for the Drawing Rules. 

Voting for the Supervisory Committee and the Board of Directors

Every year before the Annual Meeting members get the opportunity to vote for their Supervisory Committee members and their Board of Directors. This year, members will have the opportunity to vote from Monday, August 3 to Tuesday, August 11, 2020 until 5PM. Primary members can call the branch (425-405-9973) or come into the branch and vote in-person. Ballots will be available at the MSR stations. 

Click here for the biographies for the Board and Supervisory Committee Member Candidates. 

This year, we have one Board of Director member, Noelle Morgenstern who was appointed to the Board in August of 2019 and is up for re-election.  We have three Supervisory Committee member positions open. Gina Pena was appointed to the Supervisory Committee in July of 2019 and is up for re-election.  Donna Santeford was appointed in April of 2020 and is up for re-election. We also have one other open Supervisory Committee position available and are looking for volunteers.  

The Meeting, Agenda Minutes and Door Prizes

Because the meeting will be a virtual meeting, it will be necessary to issue passwords to attendees to access the meeting for both verification and for security reasons. We will also be asking for attendees to identify themselves when speaking and for the “first” or “second” of motions and when we ask for a vote or to make comments. (Should you have difficulty using GotoMeeting as the meeting starts, please contact Beth Jarvis at 425.405.9983 or Chad Seabury at 425.405.9979 for technical support.)

The Agenda will be the same basic format we have used in the past and both the agenda and the minutes for last year’s annual meeting will be sent out the day before with the invitation for the annual meeting.  

The entertainment portion of the meeting where names are drawn to win door prizes will still occur at the end of the meeting. However, this year’s door prizes will be gift cards. We will have 4 $50 Visa Gift Cards and 2 $100 Visa Gift Cards.  You must be present to win (virtually of course) and names will be drawn from the list of members who registered for the meeting by Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 5 PM.  Steven Ellis, our CEO, will draw and announce the winners at the conclusion of the meeting.

And the winners are:

$100 Target Gift Card - Ted L.

$50 Grocery Gift Card - Beverly R.

$50 Visa Gift Card - Gentry M.

$50 Lowe's Gift Card - Michael L.

$50 Home Depot Gift Card - Jim G. 

Conclusion a New Tradition 

We have to realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on all aspects of our lives and going forward we have a “new normal.” This new normal has changed the way we do business and required creative ways to accomplish daily tasks. We miss our old, friendly way of socializing, planning and gathering to conduct the credit union’s business, but we also know, eventually, a vaccine will be found and one day all of this will be behind us. Until that time, we want everyone to stay safe, remain well and plan for a future where we can go back to the larger social gatherings more reminiscent of our credit union traditions. 

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