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Frequently Asked Questions about SnoCope’s Debit Card MobiMoney™ App

1) Q: What is MobiMoney?
A: MobiMoney is a debit card control application that gives you the ability to manage your debit card from your mobile phone. You can turn your card(s) on and off, control spending limits, set transaction alerts and more. 

2) Q: I’m inside a store and I tried to turn my MobiMoney Debit Card controls off but it didn’t work. Why?
A: Internet access is required to  use MobiMoney app, and Internet access is not always available inside buildings, especially “Big Box” Stores. If you need to change settings on MobiMoney we recommend you do so before going into any grocery or retail stores. 

3) Q: How much does it cost?
A: MobiMoney is FREE to SnoCope Credit Union Visa Debit Cardholders. However, your wireless provider may charge for access or data usage based on your wireless plan.

4) Q: What devices are compatible with MobiMoney? 
A: Most Android and Apple devices are compatible with MobiMoney.  

5) Q: How do I enroll?
A: Simply download the MobiMoney app from your App store and have your SnoCope Debit Card(s) information ready to enter. Once you begin to set your controls, MobiMoney functions immediately in real time.

6) Q: How do I turn my debit card on and off?
A: See video, click here.  

7) Q: How do I set controls and alerts?
A: MobiMoney enables the debit cardholder to set controls and alerts to limit fraud. These are set, and can vary, for each card registered and can be changed under the “Control Preferences” and “Alert Preferences” tab. See video, click here.  

8) Q: Can I add my second debit card to my user (profile) that is tied to another account?
A: Yes. If alerts are turned on, you will receive them on all cards tied to your MobiMoney account. Cards can be added or removed by selecting “Manage Portfolio”.

9) Q: Do I still need to notify the credit union when traveling and planning to use my card?
A: Yes. Please continue to notify the credit union of your travel plans.

10) Q: Why is the My Location feature not working properly? 
A: Sometimes the device location accuracy may be affected by cellular network coverage and connectivity. Poor connectivity may cause the My Location feature to be problematic.

11) Q: Why is the International Alerts feature not working properly? 
A: Both My Location and My Region must be disabled before users can set up International Alerts. Also, please make sure that Notifications are enabled for MobiMoney in your phone's settings. 

12) Q: When I sign up on the MobiMoney app, does it start immediately or is there an overnight process before it starts working? 
A: The MobiMoney app starts immediately.

13) Q: Are balances shown in real-time?
A: The balances are obtained in real-time when the request is made. Be sure to hit the “refresh button” to update transaction history. 

14) Q: I received a notification but don’t know why.
A: Under the “Recent Transactions” tab find and tap the transaction you received the push notification. The “Transaction Details” screen will show the pertinent details of the transaction and by tapping on the dollar amount (top right) the screen will show what alert and controls settings would have triggered a notification.

Transaction Details  Additional Details
Transaction Details Graphic Additional Details Graphic
Once you’ve found and tap on the specific transaction in the “Recent Transactions” this screen will appear By tapping “tap to see more details” you can see why MobiMoney DENIED or ALERTED for a specific transaction

15) Q: I am having trouble registering my card in the MobiMoney app. What could be wrong?
A: Contact the credit union, 1-844-SnoCope during the business day for help. Need help after hours, call Card Services Support: 1-866-664-9364.


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